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Fine Art at Your Fingertips

JGSculpts is an online gallery showing original artwork of Jake Gilmore including Sculpture, drawing, painting, and some digital work. Most images show a product available for purchase, some even have STL files for 3d printing available for purchase, so if interested use the email below or go to the contact tab for any questions or to submit commission requests.


About JGSculpts

Hi, I'm Jake Gilmore the artist for this page, I started sculpting around 4 years ago and finally decided I would like to share some of my work. Most items I sell go through a very unique process! They begin as a clay sculpture which is put in a 3d scanner once it is done. After the scanner is done the digital copies are reconstructed and digitally edited to look like the original. Finally, they are 3d printed and hand painted. This helps keep the product more affordable for customers and allows the original sculpture to remain intact, unlike traditional mold making.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.



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